March 12th, 2009


Nom nom nom

In the interests of research towards Mongol Rally time, last night we went to the Genghis Khan restaurant in search of weird and wonderful things to eat. I was hoping for brains, having seen them on a DVD about the Rally, and thinking it's about time I got over my 'don't eat offal' thing.

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Yesterday afternoon I got a call from a young guy who wanted to look at the Horokiwi house. Turns out Silly Ex Landlord had given him my number and told him to ask me to show him through! I politely declined and pointed out that SEL should have sorted out a letting agent by now and perhaps this might be an appropriate way forward. Then I hung up and laughed my head off. I didn't realise the Solomon Islands were another planet!

Anyway, in other news, there is none. Mostly because you lot haven't posted. Please to be posting something!

PS We did end up getting to eat something we'd never had before - I had deepfried ice cream (tastes like doughnuts) and ferrouswheel had the most phallic-looking deepfried banana ever (tastes like banana-flavoured doughnuts).

Anyone know a restaurant in Wellington that serves brains?