March 11th, 2009


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Happy Birthday ferrouswheel!

This is the third birthday of yours that I've squeed over. You continue to amaze me with each passing year. I've watched your life go up and up, and my birthday wish for you this year is that the world continues to reflect your awesomeness back at you in better and better ways. <3

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What I learned yesterday - architects don't listen well. I have no doubt that right now Happy is going "Well duh!" - there is nothing quite like having someone pause in their discussion of symbols for electric light switches to listen to your very deliberate question, then continue on with their talk as if you'd never spoken, to make you feel insignificant. I did eventually get the answers I needed, but it was head-bending. My tutor said something on Monday - If you're getting feedback that seems irrelevant, perhaps what you're saying isn't as clear as you think it is. Which makes a lot of sense. So yesterday was an exercise in being as clear as possible. Now my brain hurts.

I am looking forward to this evening. ;-)