March 10th, 2009


You look like a tangerine jukebox

Today, I get to meet all day with architectural technologists. I guess I'll find out what they are when I get there. ALL DAY. Small windowless room. etc.

So in lieu of content, I'll give you this: Espressoholic is closing. I've never been a huge fan, I'm not keen on waiting at the counter while my coffee's made and there's always a queue - but can we say Bucket Of Coffee? They do the biggest ones in town!

Is it just me or does that article have overtones of "Oh Noes! Teh Eebil Landlords Are Killing Off Wellington's Established Establishments"?

And also, having done a scrollback, I'm now cogitating on beagl's question about exactly what constitutes the difference between porn and art. And you know, he's right. It's pretty damn hard to do.

There you go, no content, but maybe some stuff to think about. Because you didn't have enough aready.

Have a fun day! Think of me and my feisty feisty architectural technologists from time to time, won't you?

Addendum (i aways wanted to use that word): I'm looking into the history of LSD. It's.. really interesting! More on that later I reckon.