March 9th, 2009


Monday + coffee = *bounce*

Gosh. I feel as if the Grand Upheavals are over (at least as over as upheaval ever gets in a dynamic system such as life). Kid: arrived, settled in, doing the school thing in a routiney kind of way, has phone working, still needs a few things but is for the most part sorted. House: moved, almost finished unpacking, utilities sorted. Dog: spending time between lolling in the sunshine and looking in the windows going "There was a cat! I saw it!" Study: started, sorted with work so I don't do 2 trips city-hutt-city for lectures. Trip to work: only about 5 mins longer, timewise.

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Also, needs more plants. In one house I lived in, it got up to 65 and you more or less had to hack your way in with a machete. I don't think I'll go that extreme here, but lots of green = nice.

In other news, I'll stop going on about this soon. Maybe. I like our new place. It's pretty! And has a lawn the size of a postage stamp, for the mowing satisfaction that doesn't take huge chunks out of a day. And is relatively handy. And has a whole new set of people on the opposite hill for me to flash every morning!

And the dreams of not being able to find stuff have stopped, which is nice. Last night, instead I dreamed about my old house, and told it (and its contents and associations) to piss off. I hadn't realised I felt that deeply about it, but now I feel liberated. Yay! Here's to moving forward.

[EDIT] I'm not sure about having that model boat on top of the TV. It makes everyone in the picture look like they are wearing a boat on their head.