March 5th, 2009


Not sure what this post was supposed to be about, but..

Yesterday on my way from lecture to life, I ran into Dana of shirtless firespinning eye candy fame. Yes, the one and only. He was sitting on the side of the pavement with a little cooker and a table, catching the students as they passed and selling them home made spring rolls (veggie or carnie) for $2 each. I had one and it was yum.

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New LandPeople are nice. And the lease is signed. And bond paid. And we are moving in TWO DAYS! Two days people! My invisible flatmate moved out while I was at work yesterday, wraithlike to the end, and left a charming note saying what a pleasure it had been to know me (albeit a knowledge based in notes left on the kitchen bench). He is a sweetie. And no, I did not make him up. He exists, really..

Anyone know where I can purchase a kennel and run? I can't be arsed building one.