March 3rd, 2009


Tasty tasty brains!

So Knowledge, Power and Understanding is about the theories and processes of the social construction of 'knowledge' (common knowledge, officially sanctioned knowledge, etc).


Better still, it seems the lecturer is trying to give us some lernins in 'realworld' academic stuff. Instead of writing screeds of essays, we have to choose a topic, present it to the class, get our research peer reviewed, then resubmit our final draft taking into account (or not) the feedback. There's also an exam. But! I get to choose my own topic.

Let me say that again. I get to choose my own topic. It goes like this:

"Present your research on the social construction of knowledge about ......"

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Tonight's mission is to empty and clean dining room, bathroom, laundry and kitchen, including the stove. I think I can get away with not cooking for the next three days - or only using the stove top. That will leave only Claudio's room, Tommy's room, and the hallway to be done on moving day.

This is the first time I've moved in an organised way, instead of packing up everything in 2 days and coming back to spend a day cleaning after. I think I like it..

Also, my dog ran off looking for Tash this morning. That's the second time. Not.Rapt. I don't want to make her life more dull, but I don't want a splatted dog either. ;-/

[EDIT] Does anyone have a chillybin I could borrow for the weekend? I need to empty and defrost my freezer on Saturday, but I won't have the new one till Sunday! *meep*

And in good news..

I wrote three count em three unit standards today! This after a break of five months in which I've been database monkey, project manager and various other "Hey Wendy Can Probably Do That" kinds of jobs. I'm a bit rusty but yay for doing the job I'm actually employed for, that I enjoy and am good at.

And the government has decided that since it's a new financial year soon, they should increase my YOUBREDGOODONYOU tax credit by $190 a fortnight. It now pretty much covers the extra rent I pay for Tommy's room. Which means that even if Tommy's Dad fails on the financial help, we won't be living on baked beans. I won't be as well off as I was, but it won't be a painful struggle either. And if Tommy's Dad comes through, I'll be able to put some of that away for Tommy's education/future - something I've wanted to do since he was little but have been unable to because of crippling Child Support payments!

*is happy*