March 2nd, 2009


Counting the days

I think I got an A- for Criminology. I say "I think" because the result isn't up on my student portal page, yet it's showing in my academic record. That's good enough for me - I aced my first year, which was the goal I set myself 12 months ago.

And just because things worked out that way, here I am today with the first lecture of my next course - Knowledge, Power and Understanding - a special topic that I have no idea what it's about, except that it falls under the general banner of Social Policy, sounds interesting (to me anyway) and has 3 hours of lectures a week attached to it. Golly O.o

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On a completely different note, ferrouswheel all dressed up = Phwoar. With added *squee*. Just saying.

And, watching the sun rise this morning gave me a Happy.