February 24th, 2009


We have a responsibility to our shareholders

Lee Tui of Epsilon Blue talks about his thought process when making an album, and ends up coming up with stuff I reckon lots of people ought to think about. It's not a new thought, and he goes meta with it, but while reading this short blurb it occurred to me that even on a smaller scale, it's worth thinking about - who are your shareholders? And what's your responsibility to them?

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Weird. I was going to write about how I slept in and am wearing socks with hearts on them. I love my socks. They leave little heart imprints all over my legs. *beam*

It's too early to tell if the weather's going to be good for spinning tonight, I'd suggest seeing what happens and making a call in the knowledge that if it's not raining or blowing a howling gale, there will be people there, and that if it's called off at the last minute, Jo I'll text you to let you know mmk?