February 23rd, 2009


Are you confused about .... BOXES?

I am. Mostly I'm confused about how I ended up with so much furniture and so little actual stuff. Yes, yes, I know, I just reduced my stuff by half - maybe I ought to have done it with furniture too..

One of my 'if I won the lottery' fantasies includes a large room with no furniture, just cushions everywhere, sound sunk into the walls, big skylights and windows, lots of fuzzy blankets - for music appreciation. I understand though, that in practice having some actual furniture is a good idea. Mine seems to consist mostly of drawers and bookcases. Do I really need three bookcases?

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I enjoyed the Carnival, but found the entire population of Wellington all in one place quite overwhelming. Also, some flares landed on the motorway as I was driving along, which was a bit disconcerting both for me and for the traffic officers who tried to barricade off that lane with no cones or anything except their flashy lights, until the flares finished flaring. My but the ones that made it to the harbour were pretty though..