February 20th, 2009

going native

It's harder to stay positive when it's raining

Cue a whole bunch of people to say "Oh but I love the rain." Well, me too. It's the light levels that go with rain that I'm not so keen on - especially at 6:20am.

*wants to be tucked up in bed sharing time with someone lovely*

I have Teh Crank, and a moment of low self-confidence. I'm working on uncranking myself by having lunch with Yonderman and giggling over TV fame and men in minidresses.

Cuba St Carnival is this weekend. I've been looking forward to it, but just this moment realised that my hoops are still at the geek mansion where they were dropped off after Kiwiburn. Is anyone who lives there coming in to Fidels tonight, and could they possibly drop them off to me please? Cheers.

There's a round of birthdays coming up - *counts back* Hmm.. depths of winter. Hm..

*is still 12*
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