February 19th, 2009


Things I'm enjoying today

1. The warm feeling of having had good company for coffee in bed this morning. <3

2. The warm feeling of having finished an exam knowing it's a good pass, and that another few points have been chalked up against my degree. First Level 2 paper = over.

3. The warm feeling of actual warmth in the sunshine. What a beautiful day.

4. Knowing I have somewhere to live that is nice, has a straight-up landlord that I can communicate with, and will be warm and sunny even in winter.

5. Other people's amazing positive attitudes. Mum, you're an inspiration.

6. Having run my very first meeting as a project manager and it having been successful. I'm still not keen on project management as a career, but at least I know I can do the job if I have to.

7. It being Friday tomorrow. Where'd the week go?

8. Seeing one of my friends finally get a break in life, and it being a really big one that gives her the chance to do what she's always wanted to do. I'll miss her, but OHGODHAPPY for her!

9. The weird combination of anticipation and nervousness that goes with being on TV: "OMG I'm going to be on TV wonder if I made a dick of myself but OMG I'm going to be on TV!"

Yes, I'm 12. And?