February 15th, 2009


The end of an era

I just listed my game rod and my surfcaster on TradeMe. I've been carting these around with me for *thinks* 13 years. In that time I've used the surfcaster maybe 4 times and the game rod not at all.

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And don't worry, I'm not going completely into Spartan mode - I have kept my spinning rod and my light boat rod, which can take up to 15kg nylon and could in a pinch be used to land a fish up to 150kg, but is also useful for catching snapper and hapuka - and is therefore infinitely more versatile. I'm also keeping the bridle that was given to me by Ma Biddle when I was 14, mostly for sentimental reasons but also because it's so adjustable I've had it on both Welsh ponies and on Clydesdales.

I said 'reduce my stuff by half' - not Scorched Earth My Entire Life. Moderation in everything, including moderation?

I feel good. This morning I mowed the lawn for the last time. Endorphins, I love you so...