February 11th, 2009


Birds don't peck at green persimmons

But apparently squirrels do. Well, they probably nibble. But yes. Perfect movie comeback opportunity - missed!

So yesterday I did my first ever helping-with-homework session. As luck would have it, the homework was Japanese - which was all Japanese to me. Luckily, it involved reading a cartoon and figuring out who the characters were and what they were on about from the context and a vocab list, then answering some questions.

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I am still floating on my Kiwiburn cloud. Last night's adventures floated my cloud up a bit. Exploring new worlds with someone who's as excited, curious and interested as you are, is, well.. awesome. <3

And, since a bunch of KB people read this - I've been given a set of keys that were found on the Paddock. It includes car and house keys, and I'm pretty sure whoever owns them will be missing them by now. If they're yours or you know who they belong to, please get in touch with me and I'll endeavour to get them back to you.

And tonight, in my gentle return to normality, I'm gonna get me some Polly-time and watch me some Buffy. Because my mind has had enough healthy organic food for a while, and I have to start studying for my Criminology exam on Friday, so it's time for some chewing gum. Mmm..