February 10th, 2009


Future History indeed.

Sooner or later you knew you were going to be bombarded with Dr Windy's Traditional Tome About Kiwiburn. So here it is. The fact that it's only 2 days after returning home shows that this time I'm recovering a lot faster - maybe I'm getting the hang of this burn thing yeah? So anyway, here it is, KB09 from my perspective:

Collapse )

Now I just have to reacclimatise myself to the default world, but as always after some time to digest, I know this burn will have changed me in some way. Right now, I think I'm appreciating some solid kinaesthetic evidence of the value of Not Taking On Too Much. I saw others struggling with this, and recognised myself from last year, and realised how important it is to have more downtime than on-duty time at an event like that.

Also, I really think we did create Future History. There are things to sort out for next year - it felt like another transformation year as we dealt with gatecrashers for the first time, had rangers for the first time, and rostered shifts of official duties for the first time. We're growing - anyone wanna volunteer for duties for next year?