February 3rd, 2009


I figured it out!

Being a project manager involves talking on the phone a lot (especially to answerphones), banging your head on the desk a lot, writing lots of notes on scraps of paper while holding phone between shoulder and ear and waving your other hand aimlessly at people who want to talk to you, and filling in lots of forms - while actually achieving very little.

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Reminder to self: Remember to pick up Kid at train station after work.

I'll be offline as of around 5:30 this evening, won't be back till Sunday. Please play nice while I'm gone mmk?

And to tide you over

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Lather, rinse, repeat, add some more stuff about sheep, a bit of classified information, a lot of WOOHAYing and possibly some bragging, and some R-rated stuff, and it should make up for the next several days of no Tats Randomness.

Haffun y'hear!

PS Tommy this morning: "You're going to do a PhD in Social Studies, aren't you?"