February 2nd, 2009


Stuff - literally

Public transporty schooly not-getting-losty being on timey success!

Parenting just got a bit easier in that 'hey that bit wasn't too hard and now he's able to do it by himself' kind of way.

Now the lawn is being mowed without me being the one that does it, and I need to clean out my car to make space for the transportation of KB stuff and people.

Also, I'm looking at my stuff with a jaundiced eye and moving house in mind. I have a lot of knick-knacks - not things I purchased myself but things I've been given. I have this weird thing where I feel I ought to keep things just because they were gifts, even if all they are doing is cluttering up my space and my life. With the exception of the sheep things, which I'll keep because one day I'll be The Crazy Sheep Lady, I want to purge it all.

So tell me, all-knowing friends list - if you'd given me a knick-knack and I gave it away or otherwise disposed of it after a period of time, would you be offended?