January 30th, 2009


Well, are you?

Today I am basking in the joy of discovery. Some things just keep on getting better. I'm in a daze, but it's a good daze.

So now seems like a good time for my occasional check-in - are you enjoying yourself?

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This weekend will be about sorting KB stuff, finishing projects, getting train and bus tickets for school on Monday (OMGWTF), buying stationery (did you know they still use the old fx81 calculators? wow), and possibly dagging some sheep. But before that there will be Fidels (at which my Mum will be present for a while if you'd like to catch up), and some socialising. I didn't bring my fire hoop in but I have the psihoop and the fluoro fans and Tommy, I threw in your devil sticks too. Because occasionally I get this parent thing right. ;-)

And there ought to be some relaxing in there too. Unless I can pay someone to do it for me?