January 29th, 2009


I have been asked to tag my posts

I have Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney stuck in my head. Badgers Badgers is not shifting it. Heeeelp meeeeeee!


I also have Kiwiburn excitement, since last night I realised that I'd added a mysterious week to my mental calendar and it's actually NEXT WEEK! *squee* this means I get me some wildilocks and this year she's in fine fettle instead of being sick! And all the other people I only see at KB! And all the stuff that happens there that's absolutely unpredictable! And THIS year, there'll be good coffee as well. And and AND, we've learned a thing or two from last year's experience and lined it up so that there is a roster of go-to people which essentially means that Dr Windy is OFF DUTY as of Friday morning! And exclamation marks are the new black!

Note to self, tell client that when I said I could dag her sheep next weekend, I actually meant this weekend, or the other weekend that's after Kiwiburn.. doh.

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Also today's game du jour - things to do in a gigantic hotel bed that is far too big to waste by just sleeping. No, not the obvious ones - they're too obvious. So far we have come up with one-on-one basketball, and that egg throwing game where you take a step back every time you catch it. Any advances?

Can you tell I don't have any essays to write at the moment?