January 16th, 2009



I just heard one of my colleagues say "DO NOT WANT!"

(it was my favourite one, who is somewhat of a dark horse and also understands the 'all your base are belong to us' thing)

Apropos of something in meatspace:

'And', 'but' and 'for' are conjunctions - but 'but' and 'for' can also be used as prepositions. Golly.

And 'are' is actually a compound verb, because it's the word that describes the multiple (?) of 'is', which describes an action (state of being, in this case). However, it's compound because you can't really use it without chasing it up with an adjective or simple verb. From here.

So our guy's life is summed up in a compound verb. Which is kind of more depressing than being a preposition, I think.

I had to know! ;-)

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Me and my freakishness will be at Fidels tonight. Long weekend this weekend! For those of us in Wellington anyway. I will be spending some of it sewing, some of it dancing, and some of it engaging in my Sooper Sekret Project.


[EDIT] I just paid my 2009 tuition fees. Even though I'll be reimbursed, I won't get the full amount until I pass the courses, and it's made my Spain savings look pitifully pitiful. But I get a HUGE kick out of having saved enough to pay my own way without getting loans, and still have some left. Shows I can do it, you know?
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