January 14th, 2009


The psyche strikes back!

And oh what a strike! Dreams of dancing in zero gravity for the absolute win!

Well, maybe not quite absolute. PMT has made inroads into my ability to dress myself, so today I took 20 minutes to get dressed and I still look like I'm four. Right down to the roman sandals. But I can brazen that out when everything inside my brain is working right.

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Also, endorphins ftw. Our lawn is the Lawn From Hell in terms of sheer area to mow, and it has hills and all. We mostly use a non-motorised push mower, but every now and then it's a good idea to use a motor mower for the sake of tidiness, and yesterday was the day. 2 hours of pushing that heavy beast around, followed by chasing cows out of the garden. Yay for incidental exercise and its happy-drug making properties!

Tonight I shall be stealth missioning it. I need +stealth. Doesn't everyone?