January 13th, 2009


Never underestimate the power of the mixtape!

Seriously - don't. ;-D On a shallow level the mixtape is cute and funny and a new sound experience. On a deeper level it's an insight into someone's mind when they're thinking about you. And that has Power. Mostly the power to make me go *squee* and *aaawwwww* and YAY! And possibly some more substantial things.. *cough*

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Last night I took a video of myself dancing like an idiot and put it on the internet. I plan to do more of this. Who says you have to go to Turkmenistan to have a fun adventure?

[EDIT] Although my crazy dance adventure doesn't have Akhal-Tekes and Turkmenistan does....

I like waking up a lot more these days. <3
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    All Is Full Of Love - Bjork

Today at skool I ..

Successfully hijacked a tutorial and started a debate about the rights and wrongs of regulation vs prohibition of new substances, without me having to be one side of the debate!

*rubs hands together with glee*


O hai, PMT my old friend, how are you? Please stop poking me in the psyche with that pointy stick, mmk? I have stuff to do that doesn't involve being put through any wringers by your shenanigens. Kthxbye.