January 9th, 2009


On why I am not a fish

So. Alarm clocks. Foolproof, right? Large snooze button on top, teeny tiny little off button tucked away down the side where you can't find it in sleep-fuzzled confusion? Couldn't possibly go wrong, right?

Well, actually.. turns out my fingers have an Off Button Homing Beacon. Who knew? And yet this beacon is not attached to my brain, which assumes that any finger manipulation in the morning means 'snooze button' and therefore goes back to Blissland in the happy reassuredness that the alarm will go off again in 10 minutes and wake me up properly.

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I'll be at Fidels tonight. Possibly pontificating. And trying to avoid letting the conversation turn to economics like it did last time I tried to get input on crime stuff. Economics and crime, synonymous? Who'd a thunk it?