January 8th, 2009


Um, so what is the brute force method anyway?

Kiwiburn ticket - bought! Previous years I've bought my ticket the day they were released, but this year I was waiting for the price to go into the top tier. Bruce, who has a knack for saying things that make me go "Oh yeah", made me realise that the cheap tickets are supposed to be for people who have genuine need to save a few dollars, and for people like me who can afford to pay extra, I'm actually doing the festival more of a favour to wait. Also, I feel that using my inside knowledge of when the tickets go online to save myself a few dollars is taking unfair advantage.

I'm not sure I'd do the same for Burning Man, in which the pricing scale is in the hundreds of (kiwi) dollars' change, but with Kiwiburn, it's a few dollars for me but a big deal in terms of infrastructure or art grants for the festival.

[/noble and a little wanky]

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And my Google Ads are saying I should go to ICanRelaxNow.com. Hee!

Last night I dreamed that my Mum was keeping a tank of vegetables and cats in the back garden. It was a fish tank, including water. The cats seemed to be enjoying themselves, the vegies not so much. Cats holding their breath with their little cheeks all puffed out are funny.

Finally, my poor impulse control is likely to make someone happy in the near future. Win! ;-)

Brains are strange.

Today at work I'm doing maths. Nothing complicated, just addition/subtraction that involves holding up to 5 numbers in my head and calculating running tallies.

I'm also listening to the Stone Lions Thump Rock mix.

I have discovered that listening to the Stone Lions Thump Rock mix in stereo makes it quite hard to hold numbers in my head while calculating running tallies. If I take one can off, my ability to calculate increases dramatically.


Essay fail

I know the stuff inside out.

What I don't know is what I think about it. Or even whether I'm supposed to think something about it. It's just.. stuff.

"Here's what they do. Here are the things that do and don't work about it. Here are the other things that can be done to get more of a picture of what's happening, and here are the good and bad points of those things."

What am I supposed to conclude from this?

Fucked if I know.

Saturday is going to be a long day.
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