January 7th, 2009


Beating your brain with a big stick, it's what's for breakfast!

I recognise this place. This is the place where I feel as if I'm walled in with breeze blocks and I have to climb over them to get back to the path of interesting discovery. There's no view and no scope to move around, and no option but to just do the things I have to do to get out.

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In other news, I seem to be in the middle of some kind of positive feedback/appreciation vortex at the moment. It's... baffling but enjoyable!

And, it's confirmed. Tommy's Dad says he won't change his mind. Starting in a few weeks, I get my chance to show my kid another way of living. You know, somebody said to me once that the best gift you can give your children is the tools and security to be independent of you. My parents did a great job of this for me, I really hope I can do this for Tommy.

*is excited and terrified*