January 5th, 2009


Mungbeans ain't got nothing on me, baby

OK I think we need a show of hands - who's back at work and who's still on holiday? I'm back at work, at least physically. Mentally and emotionally I'm in a couple of other places. *looks* What? Of course I can, who said I couldn't?

So I'm sitting here with my giant cans (Sennheiser HD-555s) on and squeeing in bassy goodness, and luckily all my colleagues are wearing jandals so I can still hear them flip-flopping up to me, even when they're in stealth mode. Also, I remember declaring somewhat belligerently that when I got new and decent phones, I would go all Office Space on my old crapped-out PX-100s. Part of me really wants to do this. Part of me is struggling with the idea of destroying anything. So - should I toss a coin? Ask the internet? Just do it and take photos of the carnage? Keep them for posterity? Convince me, oh internet!

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Tonight, after hooping, I go back into Essay Land. My hindbrain's been working on it over the holiday (yes it has, shut up). The rough plan goes on paper tonight, along with highlighting of relevant referencey stuff. Tomorrow there'll be note form outlining. Then on one of the three following nights I'll drink a lot of coffee and write the bloody thing, which leaves me four days to edit. In between I shall have a life, damnit. Yes I will.

Watch me.