December 18th, 2008

going native

Big Things - they can really hurt when they fall on your head.

So Bond Girl has stickability. It lingers despite my usual perfume-thrashing kind of day, a shower, and rolling around on my bed. I'm not sure I want to smell that Bondy for that long. I was NOT accosted by women in bikinis with diving knives, I didn't mysteriously find groovy gadgets in my pants, and nobody asked my name so I could do my best Bond imitation. Boo hoo..

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Please wish us both luck. Please also spare thoughts for pombagira, who today is going all corporate-team-buildy in her First Ever Work Christmas Function (oh god oh god oh god), and for ferrouswheel who is fighting off ninjas on unicycles defending his PhD today.

Is it just me, or are Big Things happening in lots of people's lives recently? And if so, what's yours? Inquiring minds want to know!

[EDIT] I am somewhat overwhelmed by the response to yesterday's post. In a good way. Thank you!