December 15th, 2008


My brain isn't working and I like it

I have a new obsession or two. *cue shocked looks* Yes, I know - obsession is so unlike me!

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This week, Tommy is staying with Mum because of my work, but at least he's in town! And will be at firespinning tomorrow, because the weather is going to be awesome for him. Yes it is.

This weekend coming I thought we'd go to the Da Vinci Machines exhibition. I know there were a bunch of people who said they wanted to do this, but I can't remember who! So if you wanted to be in on this, would you mind commenting or emailing me and we'll try to sort something out? I was thinking of going for Sunday afternoon, but Saturday afternoon would work just as well if it suits more people.

[EDIT] I'm making a list of people who indicate interest, and when that's complete I'll email everyone on it to organise day/time.

Finally, the way to Tats heart? Buy your stuff by feel. *nods* hell yes..

Finally part 2 - Macaulay Culkin has a very strangely-shaped top lip. Party Monster is a very strange movie. Nuff said.