December 3rd, 2008


Gots mah psihoop back la la la

So. Anyone here live in a city with a street called Clark St that is very long and ends at the water's edge? Just wondering..

Also, driving a Reliant down flights of stairs with switchback landings is a bad idea. I'm pretty sure when my Dad did it, it was in a Hillman Husky (which, according to his stories, seemed to be powered by ouzo), which had four wheels. Four wheels good, three wheels bad. Words to live by.

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In other news, it's nice to see less facial hair about the place. In my workplace, it's been replaced by tinsel. Ye gods. I like shiny things, but for some reason tinsel just doesn't do it for me. Funny, that. I wonder if it's that pavlovian thing? Tinsel = Christmas, therefore not exciting like dance party LEDs..

Am I jaded?

I like street view

Only.. every place I lived as a kid doesn't look like it looked back then. The houses, trees, fencelines, letterboxes, road shapes have all changed. I recognise them by the horizons now, and have to paint the rest in for it to fit with how it should look.

Cognitive dissonance ftw.

(ps i think i would have enjoyed doing the job of driving all those roads with the little camera. next time, google, can you ring me please? cheers)