December 2nd, 2008


Yeah, but what's with the clydesdales?

I dreamed of Dave again last night. This time we were fishing somewhere on the coast of the South Island where Kiwiburn had bought some land. We were spinning for kahawai and watching a medieval group perform dressage on clydesdales inside a stone circle.

No I am not on crack. I did have ice cream before bed though...

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Today, my car's in the shop getting the weird CV joint rattle repaired, my internet Had Better Get Fixed, and I am learning about individual positivism. Which is not looking in the mirror and saying nice things to yourself, even though it sounds like it. It's a school of thought in Criminology. From what I gather, it's based around the idea that not all people commit crimes based on rational choice - instead, some folks behave in irrational ways sometimes. And we should try to reform people.

Can we say ORLY?