December 1st, 2008


Me, 83 - Sheep, about 20

I have been without internet at home since Friday, for those of you who were wondering why I went quiet.

Also, I've been Doing Stuff. Lots of stuff.

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I made out like a bandit at the clothes swap too - which, considering that I had nothing to take and only went to be social, was surprising. There were jackets that required one to be flat chested! Now I have jackets! Whee! And it was nice to see all the laydeeez and have scones and be all civilised like.

And I was in bed by 9pm, after which I slept for 10 hours. I would like another back rub now. I'm almost tempted to go to one of those pay-by-the-half-hour places. But I'm a little afraid they'll do it really hard because "We know what's good for you" and it'll be like half an hour of torture.

Seriously, Happy. I'm sure doing gymnastics would help get me fit for shearing season, but doing gymnastics during shearing season is right up there with self-flagellation. Tell me I'm wrong after you've done gym for 9 hours straight. I'll join when the sheep are done, and you can hold me to that, mmk?

So did I miss anything while I wasn't looking at the internet?

Oh! And my psihoop arrived back this morning, all shiny and not broken. I'll have to be more fussy about who gets to use it now, but YAY! Hoooopshiiiny!