November 28th, 2008



Happy Thanksgiving America! Also, can someone tell me why the turkeys wear those funny hats?

OK so maybe I spent some time memeing last night. Apparently my rainbow is violet and Tats hasn't been defined yet. And my muse is Terpsichore:

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Which, incidentally, I'll be doing tomorrow. This is the third attempt at this event, so if you can spare a minute today, could you please jump up and down in rhythm with the universe and send out a good weather vibe for me please. I needs me some psytrance dancing..

There will be Fidelling tonight, at which I will be grilling pombagira about her first week in her new job and what Really Expensive Steak That Someone Else Paid For tastes like, and squeeing at ferlengheti (even if she's not there) over her new job, and psyching myself up for shearing tomorrow.

And hopefully, being reminded by someone with a better memory than me to buy some deodorant. Don't you hate it when the tube runs out halfway through morning ablutions?