November 27th, 2008


Things that have made me happy this week

Wasabi peas.
Getting good quality facetime with allyn and grist.
Seeing the new WoW and going "Wow." (because, you know, I'm so original with my puns)
More wasabi peas. I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be a sometimes food but right now? nom nom nom..
Getting 2 emails in the same night, out of the blue, from friends giving warm fuzzies 'just because'.
Getting to know empom a bit better, and exposing myself to rivet's giant tasty brain - in the same night.
Realising that if all the brainy people I know got together, we'd have pretty much all the skills required to power a small nation. And they'd still want me because I know how to cut up sheep on the kitchen bench.
More wasabi peas.
Feeling like I'm on top of Kiwiburn stuff and study. I'm liking this all in one day approach to lectures. It's three hours sitting down and it fills up my head but damn it's efficient.
Having had a healthy* weekend.
Cuddle-puddling with two new people and being totally okay with it.
Doing favours for friends.
Looking at First in her shiny summer coat and realising that she's been in my life for nearly 11 years.
Two weeks till Tommy time! (that's like hammertime only more fun with smaller pants)
So many things making me happy.

What's making you happy right now? I reckon we should share the happy around as much as possible.

*Polly says perving is healthy, so it must be true.