November 24th, 2008


I have manly blisters

The men don't though, because they wore gloves. Except for rikan_feral, who shall henceforth be known as the Great White Hunter because he can catch rabbits with his bare hands!

That was a cool weekend. As always, I drove home entertaining visions of going feral and living at Whakamaru. I know I smelled pretty feral when I got home.. O.o

Also, my somewhat confused thoughts about my art coheezed into something over the weekend, and now I have A Plan. And some idea of where I want to go with my role in KB. I don't have to quit, but I think it's time to pass on the risk management role and go in a direction that is more in line with what I'd enjoy contributing. I'll do this year so nobody gets dropped in it, but next year someone else who wants to can take that over and I'll do something else. Do-ocracy right?

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Does anyone know where I could buy squishy air-sealing washers? The ones in my RV mat are a bit munted after a couple of years of abuse, and I really ought to replace them. Funny thing, I'm light enough so I can sleep on it with both the vents completely open and the closed-cell foam will support me anyway - but I need them for when it's rolled up, to stop it expanding and busting its restraints. Any idea where these might be sold? The place I bought it from is in Taihape so that's not really an option. Maybe hardware shops?

Anyway, you should all send good vibes to pombagira today, because she's starting her shiny new job, and it's all very exciting and backup from her friends will be very cool. Yes.

Also, I'm happy. Touching base with the Kiwiburners is good for the soul. Next time, you should come too.

I am easily satisfied.

One of the things that really made me happy this weekend was seeing how few thistles there are now.

The first year there was a sea of them. Last year there were large patches. This year, there are about half as many as last year.

We're winning. Slowly but surely. It satisfies me no end.

Also, the farmer whose lease didn't get renewed has removed all the electric fences. The site is now much more open and cohesive.

This year's going to be great. ;-)