November 21st, 2008


It's an anniversary of sorts, sort of

And to celebrate, I'm using one of the icons that's survived the entire trip. I reckon Tank Girl could be as good as me with a bit of practice..

(that was me channelling happy)

Gosh. I've been keeping this journal for five years. In that time I've become a daily poster, pretty much. Funny, I have never been able to maintain a paper journal for any amount of time, and I think the difference is that with this one, I'm actually interacting with people. I kind of don't see the point of expressing myself if I'm just going to tuck it away and nobody will ever see it, or in giving an opinion of nobody's going to question it and cause me to rethink it.

So thank you to the people who read and comment on this, you've helped me create a habit of writing and expressing myself daily. Or to look at it another way, you've sealed your own fate of being subjected to my rampant waffling on a daily basis. Either way, I'm grateful because it's a part of my life I really like.

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I won't be at Fidels tonight because I'm picking up pombagira and a random hippie and heading for Whakamaru to hang out with Kiwiburn people and grub thistles and go swimming and generally get out of town for the weekend. And yes, I did finish the Web in time to retrieve my tentpegs so I won't end up in Tokoroa if the wind blows.

Also, my work just got interesting again. Nice.