November 18th, 2008


I like summer semester!

For a start, there's parking within a mile of the university. Which was a bonus this morning since I didn't leave work on time due to actual work requiring me to talk on the phone a lot, well past the time I should have got going.

Anyway, I think I'm going to enjoy Criminology. The lecturer is English, from somewhere in the north (I'm guessing Liverpool or Manchester), and he's engaging and passionate about his topic. Definitely a good thing when the lectures are two hours long.. but yes, even in the Intro session, I found my mind grasping onto some of the stuff and trying to untangle it. This means it's a PUZZLE! That I get to play with! At least, that's how my brain sees it, and that should keep me engaged. Also, only one essay. And it doesn't clash with Kiwiburn.

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More disturbing dreams last night, from which I woke at 5:30am. I will not go down this road. Mind you, streaming sunshine at 5:30am is to be recommended. *nod*

Someone please entertain me..

Oh, almost forgot. A- for Sociology. That would be the exam-waffling taking effect. Still pleased though. Brain 1, Life 0. Behold my satisfaction, for it is large and warranted.

Rant mode = on

Seen on TradeMe:

Arapawa Sheep: "Colourwaves for lifestylers"

All innoculated - 5 in 1 vaccination.

Ewe Lambs: 3 months old ready to wean, $100 +gst.

Weathers(spayed ram lambs) ready to grow for your winter roast, only $50 +gst!

Ram lamb + 2 ewe lambs $300 +gst.

Ram 2 yrs + 2 ewe lambs $400 +gst.

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Someone should start a blog making fun of people who do stupid things to sheep. I'm sure one of the people in here could come up with a suitably clever and disparaging name for said blog. Because I tell you, I am so sick of hearing about the poor doggies and the poor kitties and the poor horsies, but it's ok to be an idiot when it comes to sheep, because they're not pets and we eat them.