November 16th, 2008


Things wot I done this weekend

Spun fire in Stokes Valley.

Shore 8 sheep and got introduced to my new clients Tammy, Timmy and Checkers. Tammy and Timmy were "Ho hum" having been through it all before. Checkers, being a lamb, thought she was going to die and thus flailed violently throughout the entire procedure. Next time she'll be better - although the likelihood of her and I being friends is zero since she'll now remember me forever as Nasty Buzzy Hot Thing On My Skin Woman. Also, the Takapu Road lifestylers are good fun and I always enjoy going out there.

Realised I have enough wool to warrant hiring a trailer and paying a visit to the woolstore. This means a session of sorting. Anyone who likes getting dirty and wants to learn about sorting wool is welcome to join me for this.

Started The Web. This will be finished by the end of the week. The world needs more shiny, yes it does. And this will be Very Shiny.

Watched Season 1 of Robin of Sherwood in its entirety with pombagira and also with vernacularity between barbie-truncating. It's.. well, to be honest it's pretty cheesy but also still good watching. And slasharific. O.o

Not dancing to psytrance. Stoopid weather pretending to be bad enough to cancel party then coming nice without warning. afi_havok take note, this is often how outdoor parties in NZ go. ;-/

Not cow-checking, because Mr Cow is back and I'm now somewhat farm-redundant. Except for the bit where I am shearing for 2 of the next 3 weekends and the only one I'm not is because I'm away.

Turned my flatmate's kid into a hippie.

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Got the shower fixed. Now it has temperature AND pressure. At the same time!

Coloured my hair. And cut it myself. I look more urchinlike than ever. So far nobody's gone "OMG get thee to a hairdresser!" but they might just be being polite.

Enjoyed the company of richdrich who has completed one of his art projects in our shed.

Come to a resolution wrt my previous week's mental disturbances regarding Dave and his sudden takeover of my head. I realised, after sifting through the Stuff in detail, that if Dave were to be a fly on the wall in my life now, he'd be damn proud of me. That knowledge makes me happy.