November 14th, 2008


Guess What?

My Mum bought an ITouch! Which essentially means she now has more geek points than me, and is CyberGrandma. She rang me up squeeing about it, and I giggled and went "Hahaha you're funny!" And realised where I get it from - that OMGSHINYWANT! thing.


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Judging by the weather, I'd say One Night Wonderland will be on tonight, and I'm keen for a spin. Let's light up Stokes Valley! And then all go to bed like the nanas we are and sleep it up in preparation for DANCING tomorrow. And shearing, for me. Just stragglers, no biggie, but I still have my usual nervousness because, you know, the thousands of sheep I've shorn are still not enough to convince me I know what I'm doing. They may have grown teeth and learned karate since last time. You never know.

I'll be Fidelling briefly tonight. Please come along and congratulate the many new-job people.

Question: Tomorrow's party is an outdoor one. Should I wear The Dress?