November 10th, 2008


Rationalisation ftw/l/t

Is I suspected, my work colleague of the 'bwana' comments a while back is happy with the result of the election. I am trying to be gracious - it's not up to me to decide other people's ideology - but it's really hard. So many things I could say, that would permanently destroy any working relationship we might have.

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So. The dress is finished. I would say it feels like the end of an epoch, but it doesn't. It's only really been three weeks. I do have another project ready to go, but this one will take up a lot of space and involves pegging things out, either on the lawn (yay dog trap!) or in my room (yay Tats trap!) I haven't quite figured out which would work best. Unlike the rooms of many of the people I know *cough*, I don't have anchor points sunk into the walls at convenient spots.


Anyway, if you see me today, please hug me. I need it.