November 6th, 2008


This week should be a national holiday

I have always enjoyed the regular juxtaposition of the Melbourne Cup, Guy Fawkes and the US presidential election. It makes for an exciting week external to anything happening to me personally.

And this year, of course, we get to vote on Saturday too. I wonder if half the US will be refreshing the NZ election returns page?

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Also, First got to play with Zen for the first time in ages. It was funny - they're both grey-faced these days and maybe a little more sedate than 5 years ago, but SOOOOOO cute. Zen looks like a baby seal with his white face and black eyeliner.

Tonight, there shall be gluing! I promise not to eat the paste.

Oh. A thing. Someone said to me that they were annoyed at the way people kept mentioning the fact that Obama is black, because ethnicity shouldn't be an issue at all and the fact that people notice or care is evidence that racism is alive and thriving. My reply was "I wonder what Obama thinks." I'm really not sure if the statement is right, but it sure did make me think.