November 5th, 2008


The internet is for p0rn

Yesterday was one of Those Internet Days. A community I belong to exploded into judgement and personal attacks and people quitting over something that really wasn't worth getting that riled over.

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Mostly I think I probably just think too much.

I'm keeping an eye out to find out what happens with the fireworks. If it's not on tonight, rain day is tomorrow and my house is still open for folks to come watch. I'll keep you posted, or if anyone else hears what the council plans to do, please let me know so I can make sure people know. Cheers.


"Pelorus Trust Sky Show
Event status: as of 11.00am on 5 November, the fireworks display is still taking place at 9.00pm tonight.

After 5.00pm, listen to ZM 90.9FM or Classic Hits 90FM for up to the minute event status information."

So it's on as of 11am, and as the weather seems to be improving (what is this big shiny disc in the sky?), I'll call it on at my house too. Fireworks start at 9pm.

For those expat Americans who are watching the election returns with jaundiced/hopeful/bloodshot eyes, we have a TV thing these days. One of us even knows how to turn it on. O.o And you can even see the TV and the fireworks at the same time.

Question that probably sounds stupid: On this Proposition 8 thing, I thought California had already voted to legalise gay marriage? Why is this issue being revisited?