October 30th, 2008


Last night

I slept with a girl.

We were going to have a topless slow motion pillow fight but you'll just have to imagine that bit because we were actually too lazy.

Also, she wore my purple sheep pyjamas. She says I can now sell them on the internet to boys but only if they model them for her.

Exam today. Sociology. That's the study of sociols, right?


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PS Work is paying for my courses as long as I pass, from here on in. Yay them! They're also reimbursing me for what I've done since they brought in the study assistance policy. Guess telling them that the reason they should pay is that I'll be awesome when I take over the CEO's job paid off eh? I may have continually reminded them about the As too.

*cough* Me? Subtle?

And now, because you haven't heard enough from me today

This is an open invitation to come and watch the fireworks next Wednesday the 5th from our house. You can see both Petone and town from there and it'll be SHINY!

Mum's coming for dinner so I can't make that an open invite, but if you were to bring some munchie type food with you it could get all cosy..

Come, meet the new flatmates, watch the pretty fireworks, skylark about with us and have a grand time!

If you know me but don't know where I live, email. ;-)