October 28th, 2008


On intimacy vs sex, and why intimacy is more important

I spent several hours doing this on Sunday. I've been able to barrel roll for a while but always felt ungainly and wanted to be able to do it without stomping. I also want to be able to hoop around my chest while barrel rolling, and take my arms in and out at will. The focus-on-a-point idea really helps, as does going slowly, because it teaches you to use little muscles for fine control instead of flinging yourself around like a dervish.

I achieved this twice. I also discovered I have Muscles In Places. Seriously. I've been hooping for about 18 months, you'd think I'd have discovered all my torso muscles by now. But no. I have more. These ones are in under my floating ribs at the back, in stealth mode. Also, the backs of my calves, in the bit between the two main muscles - there are more muscles. Who knew?

Plz2b sending masseur with lots of free time. Kthx.

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Yes yes, I have a dog. She's awesome. But she's not a person, she doesn't have arms, and I can't discuss the state of the nation with her. She brings me a different kind of joy.

In other news, Phil (new flattie) has a kid. The kid fixed the CD player. And and and, happiness is a flatmate with a weedeater. You really could play croquet on the lawn now.