October 23rd, 2008

another chance

I am a hopeful romantic

Anyone seen the front page of the DomPost today? To all you doomsayers out there, tell me - if civilisation is about to collapse into a pile of market-bubble squeaky foam real-economy vs paper-economy leftovers, why on earth is the lead story today about how they've found a namesake for Dan Carter, and it's a young teenage soccer playing English girl who's never heard of him?

Is New Zealand really that desperate for news? Or is the background shirtless guy in the photo supposed to be light relief and distraction from our inevitable fate?

And I can't forget you
But I can't remember

Collapse )

Here, have some more lyrics - no idea what they mean but somehow I know they will mean something to someone. For me it's about isolation and judgement, and what happens when people get put on pedastals.

We came to love you - all day
These bastards are leavin' - somebody's got to stay
Whatever we called you, it's just a name, just a name

A challenge for those of you bored at work today. I challenge you to pick a few lines of lyrics that have meaning for you, and explain what they mean. Lots of folks post lyrics, but most people never enlarge on what the deal is with those particular ones. I think it shows what's inside people when they write about something personal like that, and I'd love to see inside you. Go on, dare yah.