October 22nd, 2008



Last night I slept naked. This morning I woke up less itchy. I surmise from this that my jammies, being flannelette, have absorbed All The Itching Powder In The World, and have been releasing it on me in my sleep. Also that I don't really need to be wearing them now it's a bit warmer.


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Meanwhile, burglar alarms are great - until they have 'trouble'. Then they're annoying. They beep at you to tell you there's something wrong. Then they beep at you to tell you that the thing you did to fix them didn't work. Then they beep at you just for the hell of it. Then you call a technician.

(sorry folks, the beeping is too slow in the BPM department for real minimal techno, and the bassline sucks)

Also, my life is an endless round of lawnmowing. I like lawnmowing. Bet you wish you were me.