October 19th, 2008


An extraordirnary ordinary weekend

Some things:

Jane Goodall is inspirational, mostly I think because she's so Not Larger Than Life. She reminds me of my Mum.

Passionate scientists speaking about their passion is interesting no matter what the topic.

Using a scrubcutter is intensely satisfying. I recommend it for anyone who wants to be intensely satisfied. Of course, it'll be more satisfying if you do it at my house. *nods*

We now have an outdoor dancefloor of sorts. It needs further grooming, but as long as you're not wearing platforms, it's danceable.

More twin calves! O.o And these ones have a Mum who can count.

The United Nations (Claudio and Frederic Who Is French) went out on the town last night. It took Fred 2 and a half hours to get ready. I believe he now takes the record for preparation time. European men are somewhat different from Kiwi men, yes? Today they are fishing. I had to tie the hooks on for them, for lack of fishing experience. It was cute.

I am liking having time in the weekends to just be and do without expectation.

PS Does anyone have a landline phone sitting round doing nothing? Ours seems to be kaput.