October 15th, 2008


I lost another chunk of hair last night...

I'm enjoying living with Claudio. He's pretty quiet and unobtrusive, clean, friendly, and proving to be somewhat of a whiz in the kitchen. This morning there was a plateful of yummies in the fridge, with a note saying "Help yourself to pave du chocolat!" I particularly enjoyed the way the note was stuck on the fridge with magnets spelling "Sweet is here."

I have yet to have an actual conversation with this guy, mostly because I'm hardly ever home. But he's good value, and I like him.

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In spam today - "Scare her to death with your size!!!"

I think maybe someone wasn't quite awake when they wrote that.

Is it just me or is the atmospheric pressure doing weird things? Today feels oppressive.

[EDIT] It must be my turn by now to produce the media for Blobby Night. pombagira and/or vernacularity, do you have any requests? Everyone else, do you have any recommendations?


When the fuck will people get over saying "blahblahblahsomething is key."

I don't care if it's current usage, coming into the language, whatever. It sounds fucking wanky and I'm tired of hearing/reading it. Please get over yourselves and remember words like important, pivotal and essential. Thank you.

Grumpy Tats is grumpy.