October 14th, 2008


In which I stoop to new depths of OMGWTFness.

I realised in conversation with allyn last night that I'd never updated my 100 pushup thing. Yes, I did them, it was a struggle, but they were done. After which I went "OK, that works, what now?" and stopped doing pushups altogether.

Now, I'm doing a maintenance thingy that I made up myself, which is 5 sets of 20 every couple of days or so, just because it'd be a shame to do all that work and not keep it up. So yeah. Anyone else who did it got an update?

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Kiwiburn meeting last night, at which I forgot to produce cupcakes. Sorry guys. There was innuendo and merriment and even some serious decision making. And best of all, it didn't feel like a chore, for the first time since February. This must mean that my enthusiasm for it is returning. Can we all say YAY! You should come, by the way. We have a lake. And we've had the Plague of Mosquitoes, and the Plague of Flies, so this year I predict we'll have a Plague of Butterflies. And it'll be awesome.

Future History, mofos. How apt.

PS Someone just sent me this link as illustration of what's happening in the stock market. I find it amusing that they ran out of verbs: climbed, gained, rose, added, rallied, soared.. then they start repeating themselves. Hehe, journalism is funny. Oh hang on - advanced, jumped, boosted, surged. Yep, that's actually it. I can just picture the writer with their thesaurus going "I'm so bored with writing 'rose'..."