October 9th, 2008


*doof doof doof*

Last night I arrived home to a mysterious parcel. Ooh! I like mysterious parcels! turns out it's the Cosmic Conspiracy cd Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Can I just say *SQUEE* I am listening to it now and it's awesometastic. It has Grouch! <3 Grouch.

But. Weird thing. I never ordered this CD, and I don't recall anyone offering it to me. It was very clearly addressed to me, and the stamps are NZ ones, but the postmark is blurred out, so I have no idea where this came from. So, um.. if you offered me this and I have forgotten, please accept my humble apologies, and identify yourself so I can thank you properly. If not, and you read this, please accept my gratitude anyway. The gift of music (especially my kind of music made by people I know) is both wonderful and special. Thank you.

*bops in chair* Fuck I'm loving this album. O god bassline! Anyway..

Collapse )

Go on, you know you want to..

Oh, and I bought my ticket for Canaan Downs. Anyone know if they have them in Cosmic Corner yet for the pickups?

PS Also <3 Hedonix..