October 7th, 2008


Bluhwuh? Ubuhduh. Muh.

Someone snuck in during the night and filled my sinuses with sand. Thanks guys. Also, I was up till midnight in the throes of OMGWHYDIDTHISNOTHAPPENLASTWEEK frantic essay restructuring, and slept through my alarm this morning. However, Espresso Rescue Guy made me an extra large cup of drugs this morning, and he was playing Flight of the Conchords' Hiphopopotamus which made me happy.

He reckons I should sample their French song for a psy track (i may have loaned him a CD of psy when i snapped him out playing michael buble one day - folks, we have a convert!).

Collapse )

*listens* Holy crap it's raining hard. I hope my road doesn't fall down before I get to go home. If it does, I might turn up dripping on your doorstep without warning, mmk? Also, my car leaks so I may have to purchase a snorkel for the driving to your doorstep. Plz2b preparing the big fluffy towel for me...