October 3rd, 2008


Not seeing the light

So I'm sitting here in the dark at work. The builders are doing some kind of renovation which will hopefully end up with us having a skylight in the Small Windowless Room, and they've (accidentally?) nailed the lights. My pooter still works, but since I can't see the stuff I'm supposed to be working off, I'm a bit stuffed. I would go home but I have a deadline today, so yay LJ for keeping me entertained till they give me my visibility back. Also, I can touch type better than I thought I could. And going to the loo with the door cracked open for light is.. not so grate akshully.

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Sun Control Species tomorrow night, after spending the day plugging out my essay. It's shaping up to be quite a night, with some folks coming down from Auckland, a bunch of WDC people, and FIRE SPINNING! I'm not sure how Bron swung that one, but yes, I'll get to light up at Sun Control Species. Way to make Tats happy. You should come.

Fidels tonight as usual, where pombagira and I will gloat over our Jane Goodall tickets. *gloatgloatgloat*

Right now my Dad is sitting on my shoulder going "Apes not monkeys!" ;-)